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Jul 26, 2011 3:00am PDT
through the intersection of octavia and oak, and it had collided with a big rig. a few issues. one, we notice that there are no seat belts on shuttle buses. you have to imagine the full weight of a person being ejected from the shuttle bus then to be injured and killed by the of the vehicle. we may need a re-examination of the law that gives this. i think that seat safety devices should be required in the shuttle and in the public. it is something that if required for children on the shuttle buses, then there may be consideration that we do that four adults, too. just by the full magnitude of this accident in this area. octavia boulevard, as wonderful as it is, does, i think, have some unintended consequences. this would require an assessment, especially as traffic intersects with the arteries. there is the traffic that we directs itself on to the smaller streets and alleyways that tries to navigate around the arteries because of how congested those arteries are, as people are looking to come off of octavia boulevard or go on as they are approaching the highway. it is important that th
Jul 11, 2011 9:30pm PDT
is not that big. the piece of paper that has to go, you make copies and you stick it underneath the cash register, you stick it under the advertisements in the bag that try to get me to come back and buy something else. i absolutely appreciate that point, but in terms of the burden? is it really that burdensome? >> in many cases, it is. there are a number of requirements depending on the type of store the to our. depending on the type of retail establishments that you are you may not have the wall space or the physical space for the disclosure. pharmacies, walgreen's, wall speak -- wall space is very limited in pharmacies. they like when consumers to look around and see the different products for sale. when we start going down this path of disclosure, the question is, when does it end? where does it stop? in terms of the pamphlet at the register, if the court fails to provide that information to a customer, you are opening yourself up to liability. which we have serious concerns about. >> i am a member of the public and i have come before you to encourage you to support this basic measure toward
Jul 28, 2011 6:00pm PDT
observed at the local airports, the big ones and the small ones like out in antioch. 94degrees there, 91 in livermore and 90 in morgan hill. forecast highs for tomorrow, about the same, a little warmer in fairfield. the forecast then for tomorrow just like for tonight just like it was last night. for tomorrow, a lot like today but slightly warmer. the changes very subtle. it's unusual that we get, when we get unusually mild weather this time of year. but it's unusual that we have so few changes. the differences in daytime highs forecast daytime highs versus what's actually occurring very subtle. so that's how it continues. that's good news for firefighters. fire danger very mild for this time of year and air quality very good. tomorrow afternoon, it starts to heat up. there was heat in the central valley today. you're getting your upper 90s toward red bluff. i have enough of a sea breeze and enough fog at the coast that's keeping things on the mild side for this time of year. some high clouds coming in from the gulf of mexico. those clouds could trigger a few thundershowers. south toward
Jul 11, 2011 6:30pm PDT
sound. it graduated. there is a little amplified sound and big amplified sound. i don't know how you would like to do with it but that is what she just expressed. >> we are looking if there is a way to separate out smaller operators? as far as i know, there are 10 major sightseeing companies in the city that have opened their buses. >> they seem to be multiplying. i see more of those double decker buses than i ever have. >> and even the small ones, i happen to live on a tourist site. those little small things, they are so loud. they are. the are really very intrusive. personally, i appreciate this because i have to year that same talk like 20 times a day. >> i have received lots of feedback from across the city. i would to speak to the alamo square neighborhood association. we got e-mail from all across the city where people made the same statements all over and over again. >> i like this legislation because where i live on 20, i hear them every day. sometimes, early saturday morning going up market street. i do like this. i have the same concerns. there are some smaller and smaller
Jul 14, 2011 3:00pm PDT
months. it has been tremendous. a big part of it for me is seeing how the scholarship fund has really made a difference for the people in that neighborhood, and for people outside the neighborhood who come into use the facility because of the changes that happened. i would really like you to reconsider the ordinance. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> i on a business called in these hot dogs. -- called annie's hotdogs. the parks department has been wonderful to work with. because of the contract i have gotten, i have been able to hire 15 new employees and expand my business. we have a total of 26 employees. i work with my son. i think the people that run the parks do a really good job, and the general public, although they have all these concerns, should not be involved in these decisions. that is my personal opinion. i think you hire people to do a job and they should be allowed to do their job. i have been in business in san francisco for 30 years. i started off at the port of san francisco. everybody at the port of san francisco was wonderful to work with. every
Jul 26, 2011 3:00pm PDT
with jazz and song filled the district of -- fill teh dis -- fill the district up like a big store you really turned me on your knock me off of my feet now ♪ [applause] supervisor chiu: next speaker. >> that is a hard act to follow. very good singer. i am the president of the fillmore jazz community association of san francisco. to the honorable supervisors, and to the general public, i thank you for this opportunity to speak. we do certainly ask -- signed you for the continuance of this item. certainly, there are many organizational and administrative struggles and hurdles and that we have had as a cbd. however, as the supervisor has so eloquently spoken, this community has gone through many transitions with regards to redevelopment agency -- the redevelopment agency. i think it causes for what i would like to call a mass anarchy. i will say that in a very brass way because we need to have some organized structure in the community for cleaning, safety, and for marking the area. without that, who will be the person to take that on? who will take the task of cleaning the streets? who
Jul 15, 2011 12:00am PDT
critical decision. that is what it is all about. it is very simple. there has been a big smokescreen. there has been numerous red herring thrown out in order to try to confuse the public about this measure. it is much more simple than all of those allegations pretend. the big issue for all of us is how do we find the parks. that is the big question we keep getting asked. the people of san francisco have repeatedly voted money for the parks. they have never turned down the park's bond. by 2/3 votes they have provided $170 million. they have extended the open space. if this policy continues within the department, there are so many angry people in the city that will no longer vote to support our parks. people are angry, saying we have done all we can to support our parks but are having them taken away, having access taken away. if you really want to fund the parks, adopt this ordinance and go to the people for support for our parks. if you do not, the people are no longer going to support the parks. supervisor avalos: thank you. i have a few more cards to read. jude lang, nancy wuerful,
Jul 29, 2011 1:00am PDT
it is to get a big size of a new -- a big size then you to succeed in that area. we have to have something special to get people in the area from all over the city to make a business succeed. for that, the support of the community-based organization like fillmore cbd is something that must -- that we have to be able to count on going forward. thank you. >> i just think the arts is so important in san francisco, and particularly the music. the music that combines us together, gives us souls, feeling, etc. i have been on the -- on teh -- on the s train. people wanted me to sing, and the driver said then we would have trumpets playing and no. i said that there seems to be an invisible sign around san francisco that says, "no dancing musicians allowed." i asked if he wants to kill all the artists. he says, "yes, but keep the athletes allied -- alive." i returned to that, and he said, "i did not say you should kill them. i was just agreeing with you." it is really like -- what? athleticism -- two weeks ago when you gave the park funding -- i mean, how much do we have to do for the athletes, but
Jul 11, 2011 10:00am PDT
at the crescent street site. it is a big consideration i have, that the history of this one license and how it is being transferred across the city to a better location, that you probably want to send this out of committee. probably without recommendation, but i will be sending it forward with the committee. we actually met with folks from walgreen's as well about this. i wanted to thank them specifically dave, who i believe is here, for his patience on this item as well, and we can go ahead and open up for public comment. we will do three minutes per person. i have a couple of cards. [reading names] use the one to your right. >> good morning, supervisors. good morning, san francisco. i bring you greetings from the united food and commercial workers union local 648. michael sharp is our president. we support walgreen's in their endeavor. they are an outstanding employer. they brought nothing but honor to our city. we support them. thank you very much. >> good morning, supervisor avalos, supervisor elsbernd. i am the district manager for walgreen's. this store is under my supervision. i also
Jul 4, 2011 3:30pm PDT
they would choose this beautiful pristine area to do them in was a big question. as soon as the coit tower was getting finished and someone put in the idea that it should be used for art, then, all of a sudden, he was excited about the coit tower. it became almost like a daily destination for him to enjoy the atmosphere no matter what the politics, that wasn't the point. as long as they fit in and did their work and did their own creative expression, that was all that was required. they turned in their drawings. the drawings were accepted. if they snuck something in, well, there weren't going to be any stoolies around. they made such careful little diagrams of every possible little thing about it as though that was just so important and that they were just the big frog. and, actually, no one ever felt that way about them and they weren't considered something like that. in later life when people would approach me and say, well, what did you know about it? we were with him almost every day and his children, we grew up together and we didn't think of him as a commie and also the same with the
Jul 11, 2011 11:30am PDT
will have to sit there and train employees, train the representatives. it is a big burden. it could be easy, but the bottom line is that at the end of the day, hopefully the customer understands the pipeline. we explained how the post works. i cannot even tell you how you get signal. you know what i mean? we sell a product and i do not feel that we have to explain every single detail. supervisor avalos: thank you. >> ♪ city hall helped me make this call see this cellphone i have is faded and dangerous and if you could buy would thank you for your time thank you and you can keep the dime is that not the way the item goes let's forget about all of the dangers and if you can help me to make this city hall called destruction is dangerous and i will thank you city hall for your time and you have been so much more than kind. ♪ supervisor avalos>> good mornin. that is a tough follow-up. my name is sammy [unintelligible] and i work for a company where we have 15 verizon wireless stores around the bay area, including one in san francisco. i would urge you to vote on this ordinance. it will becom
Jul 26, 2011 2:00am PDT
are some of the thoughts i had. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. let's step back and look at the big picture here. what you have in front of you, as has been discussed in public comment, a fully vetted, fully discussed piece of legislation that is brought to you through a collaborative process. six months of very intense work that at times got a bit heated, but it is something i am proud of and i think every member sponsored it is proud of and our partners in labor are proud of it. it is comprehensive in scope and is not just focus on the pension issue. it also focuses on the health care issue and it is not a proposal that ignores a thousand + of our employees. it gets savings as a result. it is not a proposal that unintentionally increases the retirement benefit of thousands of employees to happen to take a desman and our retirement. this is a well thought out and well lighted measure. the comptroller's office has finally put together some numbers that demonstrate what this ballot measure saves and what the public defender's ballot measure would save. i want to put those numbers in perspect
Jul 18, 2011 11:00am PDT
it was a big studio movie. when i was just a filmmaker-- you know, when we were just filmmakers on our own trying to do this-- i know that the m.p.a.a. is illegal. i know it is. i know if someone was to challenge on legal grounds, it's basically a cartel setting up rules. the big guys get to set up the rules. even the little guys have to follow, but they have no say. what did you have to lose to get south park in the theaters? well, we ended up--every time they said, "cut this," we would put something back in that was worse. (parker) they made the movie worse. there's no question. they made that movie raunchier and raunchier. and here's the fascinating thing. here's what it all came down to. so now we're a week away. we're a week away from the movie coming out, and it's still an nc-17. you know, we've done this give and take, but we really kept just making it worse and worse, 'cause they just made us angry. and, um, finally, scott rudin, the producer from paramount-- (stone) there was one joke. i can't remember what it was. and we called up and said, we are not cutting this joke. i don't c
Jul 14, 2011 11:00pm PDT
:3630 and a junior giants. there is a variety of programming that is affecting a big demographic. mission wide has its own financial challenges, and we can work with them to do more given the funding they get, which possibly comes from all of you, but they do hold quarterly open houses as required in their lease. significantly, and all of our clubhouse is, if you look at this on the macro level, we have permitted over 3000 community events in this very same clubhouses we are told are being and accessible, ranging from community meetings to birthday parties to a variety of different community events happening in this clubhouse is. the clubhouse restrooms remain open for the public, yet somehow we're discounting the 25,000 hours of programming that is being offered by non-profit providers to the public. our mission, if you give us the money, we will make you a deal, you give us the money, we will keep everyone of the facilities in our district open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. but in the absence of that, we are forced to make choices and we're forced to figure out how we can leverage leases. w
Jul 28, 2011 5:00pm PDT
gradual warming. you can see the fog of course it's a big city out there and you can see out by twin peaks, twin peaks notching out the fog there. it's a topographic feature and it knocks the fog. that's why the noe valley, it's a nice little bay area microclimate. the temperature over the area will go five, six, 10 degrees warmer than what you would find in san francisco. mount diablo in the distance. upper 80s out toward livermore. there's the cool bite along the coast. and yes that's what summertime looks like in the area. that's about what you would expect, right along the coast 50s. inland, 90s. that is a little warmer but low mid-90s out toward sacramento and stockton. the heat is back and temperatures are definitely been coming up. they warmed up as we mentioned over yesterday by a few degrees. they will warm up again tomorrow a few degrees more. fog is back, it burns back by you know early morning like it did today. the sun comes out as you would expect in daytime highs for your friday. for your get away friday they'll be warmer than we were today. we walk through the bay area micr
Jul 1, 2011 2:00am PDT
as well. thank you all for setting the road ahead of us and for all of your help. the other big group that we did not thank yet that we have to is labor. we spoke about this before, but part of this whole package being able to come together is possible because we have asked our labor partners in the fire department and the police department and the nurses to assume a level of savings that they did not have to do. and so, that is a tremendous sacrifice that they have been willing to do on their own. i absolutely believe that they deserve the praise for helping us get to where we are. with that, colleagues, if there are no other further comments, we have to move a few items. items one and two which have been combined from the two agenda is representing aao and aso. we have made amendments to that. can we movie studio itee these e or july? >> tso moso moved. >> we have the two-year budget and apa resolution. >> there have been a couple questions on this and i would like to have a conversation with the budget analyst about desperate. as i discussed with the city attorney, one thing that m
Jul 1, 2011 10:30pm PDT
are losing a big part of what makes san francisco so great, so i am very alarmed about declining families with young children in the city. i think and approach that looks also at the assets that are here and the resources that keep families here, that families aspire to stay in the city is well worth considering as well. i thank supervisor farrell for the hearing and look forward to working with you on it. >> thank you appear that concludes roll-call for introductions. -- thank you. that concludes will call for introductions. supervisor chiu: why don't we go to public comment? >> speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time. a member of the public would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly states such and remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of the public library. privatization of our public assets goes hand-in-hand with the degradation of our democratic principles and undermining traditions of open government and publ
Jul 6, 2011 10:30am PDT
on line. we have a big meeting today. we have a lot of folks that will be presenting to us. i want to quickly let folks know that i will be giving a maximum of three minutes to your actual presentation. we may have a followup with questions. so be prepared to give a statement that is three minutes or less. the committee would greatly appreciate it. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> the items on the agenda today that are recommended will go to the full board on tuesday, june 12, unless otherwise indicated. >> number one, supervisors mirkarimi, john avalos, and more to the association of bay area governments. supervisor kim: thank you. is there any public comments on this item? simenon, public comment is now closed. >> make a motion approving supervisor mar john avalos, mirkarimi, and mar. >> thank you. we can do that without opposition. we will move forward with positive recommendation to the full board. thank you. please call item number two. >> hearing to consider appointed two members for and if it turns to the bay area regional interoperable communications system auth
Jul 14, 2011 2:30pm PDT
. this year, i was almost forced to close due to a poorly written ordinance. the big language is troubling to me because of my experience with something that was vaguely written. they language restricting what can and cannot be done was detrimental to us and the 90 employees i have. after 20 years of business and being shut down for two weeks, it hurt. go back. look at the language. work on it. it was painful. that is what my staff had to go through. it is hard to comply with regulations you have no standard for. that is all i am saying. i love our festival. i love the festival's that are there. i would throw myself in front of a train for it. thank you. supervisor avalos: it is a great festival. thank you. >> i am margaret reed. i and the staff supervisor for local government, minus the health care works -- health care folks. every year, you and supervisors have a choice as the city budget. every year, the rec and park commission since you a budget with cuts in it, and a budget from the department that says this is how we are going to raise money. every chance, you can say no and not supp
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 74 (some duplicates have been removed)